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Sheila Jarzin Levinson

Punch & Judy

Punch & Judy


Title: Punch & Judy, 1978

Edition: Unique Original

Medium: Oil On Canvas

Dimensions: 79cm x 94.5cm, 31.1in x 37.2in, Stretched & Framed


Poem by Bernard Levinson...

He:  My love

       only your left


       in my right.

       A pact for the world.

       The shore contains

       the ocean.

       They move and grow


She: That hand

       shades my breast

       from pain.

He:  I will love that


       with my mouth.

       An intimate pact-

       As clouds will nourish


She: My heart

       wears that breast

       like a shield

       against pain.

He:  I will hold

       that heart

       In my chest …

She: And the pain

       my love-

       who will hold the


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