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Sheila Jarzin Levinson

Soulscape 5

Soulscape 5


Title: Soulscape 5, 2020

Edition: Unique Original

Medium: Oil On Canvas

Dimensions: 91cm x 91cm, 35.83in x 35.83in, Stretched


Poem by Bernard Levinson...

I know Sheila’s palette-

her canvases dream themselves

into paint.

she paints with light-

rays of green -

hot sweeps of magenta

and gold.

Sheila paints with air.

A bird could fly

between the streams of colours

and not touch

or disturb

the paint’s breath.

She paints with pain-

I’ve seen her weep a darkness

on the cold canvas face-

a shriek of anger

sparking a burning white-

Sheila paints with silence.

Her paintings meditate

in an endless sea of calm.

I know her palette.

I know how her soul

paints itself 

again and again.

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