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Grant Oxche

Surma Child

Surma Child


Title: Surma Child, 2013

Edition: N/A, no limit set

Medium: Giclee Print On Canvas

XL:  105cm x 120cm, 41.34in x 47.24in, Stretched
L:      74cm x 84cm, 29.13in x 33.07in, Stretched
M:     53cm x 60cm, 20.87in x 23.62in, Stretched
S:      37cm x 42cm, 14.57in x 16.54in, Stretched
XS:    26cm x 30cm, 10.24in x 11.81in, Stretched

Note: Unstretched prints contain an additional border for stretching.
3cm all round for the XS print, and 4cm all round for all other sizes.


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