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Philippa Levitt

The Anatomy Of Chaos

The Anatomy Of Chaos


Title: The Anatomy Of Chaos, 2020

Edition: Unique Original

Medium: Mixed Media (Digital Print, Ink, Pilot Pintor Coloured Pens, Silver Leaf, Oil Pastels And Diamond Dust) On Fabriano Paper

Dimensions: 70cm x 100cm, 27.56in x 39.37in, Unframed

"2020 has been a chaotic year. In this piece I reflect on the chaos all around us, both political and personal, as the very fabric of our lives has disintegrated before our eyes. In the middle of all of this we have tried to cling to the known and the familiar. Pouring tea is a metaphor for normalcy. The silver teapot in this piece belonged to my mother and the teacup to my grandmother. At such times these items give some comfort." Philippa Levitt

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