Self-taught artist, Brandon Borgelt, spent many years delving into his passion for nature and creativity in varied ways such as working at game reserves and filming nature documentaries. It was in 2010 that he redirected his creative energy and decided to give sculpting a try. Brandon has merged his passions seamlessly to create brilliantly detailed bronze sculptures that capture the essence of his subject. Much of Brandon’s work has been commission based, but in the past few years he has come into his own and is known for his figures and ability to sculpt in any size, style or subject.


“The creative process is both challenging and therapeutic... a masterful teacher in many ways... Experimenting with different, styles, finishes and patinas I realized that I’m very versatile and so I choose not to define myself by one particular style or subject but rather prefer to expand my creativity in any and every direction I feel led. My ideas and inspiration have been evolving and expanding and I am very excited by the challenge of finding ways to express in bronze my own spiritual journeys and ideas.”


“My initial inspiration occurred at the age of 7”, says Brandon, “when I saw a bronze sculpture of a Native American holding up a buffalo skull in prayer to Creator. This had a lasting impact on me and I remember always having in the back of my mind that I wanted to express my creativity through sculpture.”

Brandon shares that his sculpting journey has been a direct representation of his inner world and spiritual evolution. “From my deep connection to Native American culture, my love of animals, the human form and especially lately, not so much in the subject but in the way that I've sculpted it, my growth and profound spiritual evolution and understanding. My creativity has exploded and I am ever more motivated to express my inner changes in my art.”

Brandon Borgelt