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Maritza Breitenbach

Birdcage Girl: Hope, Dreams, Freedom

Birdcage Girl: Hope, Dreams, Freedom


Title: Birdcage Girl: Hope, Dreams, Freedom, 2020

Edition: 1/12

Medium: Bronze Sculpture

Dimensions: 62cm x 40cm x 17cm, 24.41in x 15.75in x 6.69in

Birds, even when caged are symbolic of the soul and the expression of freedom. It is a stimulus for thinking about the relationship between personal freedom and social construct. In this work I play on dreams, imagination, hope and future plans – the ability to be grounded and, at the same time, be able to fly. There is a lovely connection between the elements of earth and air. The eggs in the nest are symbolic of the birthing of new ideas and personal expansion.

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