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Kundai Munikwa

Crisis Meeting

Crisis Meeting


Title: Crisis Meeting, 2020

Edition: Unique Original

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas

Dimensions: 65cm x 110cm, 25.59in x 43.31in, Stretched

When faced with challenges or inexplicable situations like the current pandemic we are forced to swallow our pride and differences in search of a solution. This usually happens after trying individually with no or little success. In a crisis, the ones who almost always get the worst end of the stick are mothers and children. The current lockdown has exposed how vulnerable women are, there is a spike in gender-based violence, which was already high, murders and serious attempted murders. For example, a woman was recently stabbed whilst giving food parcels. Then, when she went to report her predicament at the police station she was “encouraged” by the officers on duty not to open a docket as it would “amount to nothing”. This is just one of many incidents where women are not believed, actually blamed, instead of being understood and protected. So this is a serious crisis that needs people to sit down to change policies, like they have done in the past, but also make sure they are actually implemented so it results in a culture change.

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