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Bongo Mei

Ingubo Ka Ntsikana (Ntsikana’s Skin)

Ingubo Ka Ntsikana (Ntsikana’s Skin)


Title: Ingubo Ka Ntsikana (Ntsikana’s Skin), 2021

Edition: Unique Original

Medium: Charcoal On Paper

Dimensions: 58cm x 42cm, 22.83in x 16.54in, Unframed


Ntsikana is known to be the first gnostic to denounce religious conformity by throwing his blanket on the ground in a traditional communion (in a kraal) about dead Kings, where he said, “Let the Dirt Bury The Dead”, believing that the past is non-existent. In contemporary times, with traditional churches, he is most often likened to Jesus Christ.


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