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Thamsanga Mfuphi

Mkabayi Kajama

Mkabayi Kajama


Title: Mkabayi Kajama, 2021

Edition: Unique Original

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Cow Dung On Recyled Couch Leather

Dimensions: 85.5cm x 57cm, 33.66in x 22.44in, Unframed

this artwork is titled after Mkabayi kajama whom is a pincess from the Zulu Kingdom , where in olden days zulu people used to go to the Zulu Kingdom and ask for rain to the grat Mkabayi kajama. The Pegs used to pin clothes, to make sure that when the winds occur, they do not carry the clothes away . Despite how strong the winds are, they are meant to keep them intact. Even when it rains, they meant to do that until the clothes dry off… Which is their purpose in Thamsanga’s body of work, they are a symbol that no matter how rough the winds are in life….HOPE must never be lost because eventually it will stop… Even in calm winds and instead it rains….and your life (clothes) gets together(wetter), eventually all will cease to pass beacause every storm runs out of rain at some point. At that point your clothes will be dry and just like a farmer it will be time to harvest.

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