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Lillian Gray

Sarafina (Utility Bag)

Sarafina (Utility Bag)


Title: Sarafina (Utility Bag)

Dimensions: 20cm x 27cm, 7.87in x 10.63in (Hand-stitched may vary slightly from bag to bag)

Medium: Digital Print Onto Banner Weave with Shweshwe Inner (inner material design varies from item to item)

Digitally printed with the latest Printing Technology, the print is cured and sealed into the fabric. It is washable.

Take Lillian Gray’s "Sarafina" wherever you go! Our gorgeous Lillian Gray Utility bag is the perfect accessory to carry essentials such as make-up, pens or even daily medicine.

The inner lining is done in true African Style with Shweshwe Material.

Match up with a Lillian Gray Sling bag and Coin Purse for added style.

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