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Ann Gadd

The Hippo Who Swallowed The Nommo

The Hippo Who Swallowed The Nommo


Title: The Hippo Who Swallowed The Nommo, 2021

Edition: Unique Original

Medium: Acrylic On Stretched Canvas

Dimensions: 70cm x 100cm, 27.56in x 39.37in, Stretched


The Dogon race originated in Africa, but were forced to leave ancient Egypt due to religious persecutions.

They have a powerful cosmic connection, the sky being of extreme importance to them.

The sky god Amma created the very first living creatures known as the Nommo. The Nommo are ancestral spirits, and are amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures.

The hippo absorbs the mythology into current time. The symbols in the background are African in origin and imbue the hanging space with positive energy.

The painting brings the rich heritage of Africa into the modern day context.

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